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Then, why the urgency that sends many parents searching for a highly-structured preschool program, where 2 and 3-year-olds are taught things like the ABC’s, social skills, and proper classroom behavior? Furthermore, aren’t parents qualified to prepare their own youngsters for success in kindergarten?

They should have a special love and devotion for educational psychology, as Jesus did when he walked among us. Children are the future of the Church on earth. Children are deserving of a special place in heaven. The responsibility for their education and formation as Christians is partially the responsibility of the Church. The leaders must embrace this responsibility willingly and capably.

They must have an exemplary private life, with no hint of scandal. They, and their families should serve as role models for the congregation, especially those weaker souls who will always do better if they have an example on which to model their own behavior.

As the old saying goes even “too much of a good thing can be bad”. Striving to live a healthy lifestyle is one thing, letting it control your life is a whole new kind of beast. The moment your life is controlled by what you eat and how often you can get to the gym then it is time to reevaluate.

Then came Jollibee and the angels around me, who were hanging on my every word, morphed into mobsters. I had to help my fellows keep the kids at bay. They were murdering the poor mascot. It was a nightmare on Jollibee’s poor butt. Only when he had gone back to his truck did the kids become human at last. They asked me if Jollibee was a man and not really a mutated oversized bee that could dance. I looked at their expectant faces, and replied in a manner they could understand, laugh at, yet always remember. I told them that Jollibee was also human and that he could also get hurt. Kamo bay tabangag sumbag di ba mo mabun-og, I told them. If you were the one being punched to death, wouldn’t you be all black and blue? They laughed, but their faces gentled with a new light.

The skeptic type of thinking is also immature in that it fails to understand the true nature of learning. Most genius inventors will state they accomplished their creation through a process of trial and errors. The human mind learns best by failure! Expecting great things to be perfect with one first try is just plain dumb.

Which really isn’t such a bad thing. In a way, getting lots of tests is better than having only one or two. For one thing, these tests tend to be “little”: Each one doesn’t count for a major chunk of your grade, so if you bomb one, it won’t kill your overall average in the class. The sum total of these tests, however, may count for a lot–a third of your entire grade, perhaps. So if you do well on these little tests–and have a healthy grade going into the final or midterm–you might be in pretty good shape and feel much less pressured as you prepare for the big ones. Also, being tested regularly forces you to study and keep up with the material, which also is good; this way, you aren’t trying to re-learn in December what you digested (and promptly forgot) way back in September.

The use of chemicals is also another cause of traction alopecia. Examples of such chemical include hair straighteners and dyes. Use of hair dryers is also contributory as there is application of heat that will affect the follicles. The strength of the hair is drastically reduced such that it becomes fragile. When coupled with tight hairstyles, the hair breaks at a faster rate.