Three Big Myths About Good Study Habits

Don’t neglect the arts-and-crafts experiences which help to fine-tune small motor skills. Let your child experiment with a variety of paints, crayons, drawing pads and pencils. When it’s time for giving gifts, consider ways to inspire creativity, rather than following the latest electronic fad or push-button craze. Make sure your child has access to building blocks, beginning sewing kits (with a plastic needle), and wooden beads to lace onto colorful shoestrings. The best childhood toys are challenging to both mind and muscle.

Perhaps we didn’t see Muslims and Arabs rounded up after 9/11 for fear of repeating this world War II chapter in our history. Or maybe there were other reasons. Does that mean we’ll never see internment camps in America?

There certainly are experiences and skills that your child should acquire before he ever enters school. Be assured of this . . . your child’s teacher will be thrilled if your child simply arrives at school ready to learn.

For many years, as people started a speed-reading program, I gave them a short questionnaire asking them: What do you believe about your ability to learn? What do you believe about your ability to learn in an accelerated fashion? Invariably, if someone was struggling with the skills, I looked at what they wrote, and of course, those questions were answered with negative beliefs. They were creating the results they believed to be true before they started their training.

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Others, however, seem to outdo themselves, to perform above their capabilities during exams. These students may not be brilliant, but they’re shrewd enough to squeeze the full mileage out of the knowledge they do possess. Also, they take everything they’re given–and sometimes professors give away quite a bit. Most professors have never taken Tests and Measurements, educational psychology, or other courses in teaching methods and techniques. Partly as a result, they often goof up on their own exams–unintentionally dropping hints for those students clever enough to take advantage of them. Hey, a break for you!

George, born to a Christian family, refused to take part in the persecution of other Christians and proclaimed his faith to his fellow soldiers. In punishment he was decapitated. The date given for his martyrdom is April 23, 303, and it is on the 23rd of April that his feast day is now celebrated.

Most scholars believe the story of St George and the dragon is eastern in origin and spread across Europe during the Crusades. It was during this same time that the red cross began to be associated with the saint: it was originally the cross worn by Crusaders. Both England and Georgia use what is now known as St George’s Cross as their national flags. Some other scholars state the legend comes from pagan myths, perhaps even Perseus of Greek mythology, however most believers dispute this due to the late origin of the story’s attribution to St George.